On24 interactive webinar capabilities


I am wondering if On24 can support my use case?

  1. Create webinar for customer question and answer session
  2. Multiple presenters are allowed to interact with multiple customers during webinar
  3. Send registration link to attendees that is used for sign up
  4. Start webinar with all attendees are initially on mute
  5. Presenter selects an attendee, takes attendee off mute, attendee asks question, presenter answers question, preseneter puts attendee back on mute
  6. Repeat step 5 for all attendees
  7. During webinar attendees can “raise hand” or somehow indicate they have a question to ask



Hi David, not sure I follow you exactly, but with regards to attendees asking questions, this is normally done via a chat box which is moderated. It would be unwise to allow voice interactions on a live webinar as you cannot predict exactly what they will say. We normally run webinars with up to 5 presenters in a studio who then field the questions as they come in.

Hello Guy, Thanks for the reply. We do allow voice interactions during our live webinar. For this we would have to request an audience phone bridge through the ON24 Support Center which is not a viable option for us.

I do find that it would be more trouble than it’s worth having voice interactions, people are more than happy to type their questions we find.